About Us

Immensity Success Academy is an educational institution founded for the holistic development of students where anyone in the world can participate as a student and answer all the questions on their mind.

With a broad vision in mind at Immensity Success Academy, we are opening the treasure of knowledge for all. There is no age restriction in this organisation. Or no entrance exam for education. Anyone from an uneducated student to a highly educated person can get admission here. By gaining admission to this academy, you can take in as much knowledge as you can.

A member of this academy is a student for life. He can acquire any amount of knowledge at any time, to the best of his ability. This is addressed the Immensity of knowledge.


Prof. Vibhor Dadarao Patil is a futuristic strategist with a bold vision of 21st-century education and the shape of schools to come. A young and talented education entrepreneur, IITian, writer, and rich educational experience to raise teaching-learning standards to global benchmarks. 

He established Immensity Success Academy, India's only education consulting and training academy work on each field of education vastly. With the tagline knowledge is power. Knowledge is immense.

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Education & Experience

MTech from IIT, Kharagpur in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture.

B.E. from RTM Nagpur University in Civil Engineering


10 Years of TEACHING Experience.

3 Years of INDUSTRIAL Experience in ONM.
Consultant Pvt Ltd that deals with government projects. Have designed DPR.

4 years experience of teaching in Yuva college of engineering & technology (Nagpur)

4 years experience of teaching in Dilkap  research institute of management studies (Neral Mumbai)

1 year of teaching experience in KDK college of engineering ( Nagpur)